Are you tired of living on the edge of dread and worry?
Are you ready to take charge of your financial future?

Here’s How it Works

We start by looking at your current income – no matter the sources – and your current expenses and obligations.

Income includes what you currently receive from your business or job, alimony, trust or savings distributions, income property, etc.

Weekly “cash” expenses are the things you spend money on every week. This is where we uncover immediate opportunities to cut your cash outflow, without cutting the quality of your life. We are likely to uncover additional weekly expenses not accounted for. These unaccounted for expenses are gold. They answer the mystery question: where did my money go?

Monthly obligations include everything from rent or mortgage to utilities and self-care expenses (such as massages and/or hobbies). This is not about depriving yourself of things that you enjoy; it’s about understanding where they fit into your priorities.  This is the area where longer-term consideration can yield great rewards!

Once we have established your financial base-line, we will Dive Deeper by designing a plan to set aside money for your common annual financial obligations, things like property taxes and car registration.

If you are carrying debt, we’ll develop a plan to pay it down to zero. If your personal debt is significant, we’ll talk about that and how to address it. If you are owed money and it’s long overdue, we’ll look at that, too. In both cases, a communication plan and new promises are usually “all” that’s required.

Last but not least, we’ll take a look at your bucket-list dreams, as well as your anticipated future needs, so that you can account for them in your Cash Flow Plan today. Some common categories include travel, retirement, education, emergency cash reserves, philanthropy, grandchildren, etc. If you don’t have the resources for these things today, we’ll discuss strategies to insure you have these resources in the future.

Your Cash Flow Plan will be tailored to fit your financial life.

I don’t expect you be an accountant in 2 months, or ever for that matter. That’s not what we’re going for here. It’s a journey of baby steps. I am here to guide you, to show you how to get started and pointed in the right direction.

Close your Eyes if You Will - Imagine This

You are debt-free

You have more than enough money each month to take care of the basics.

You have reserves on hand for emergencies. And retirement. You allocated the resources for them!

Money is no longer a mysterious, threatening “enemy.” You get along quite well now.

Who is this For?

It is perfect for the woman who recently is separated or divorced. It’s actually fine any time; what matters is your readiness. You have the bandwidth to focus on your future. You know that financial autonomy is key to creating what you want for Yourself in life. You’re ready to tackle your budget and take charge of your finances. Let’s do it!

Who this isn’t for

It’s not right for a woman who is still on the fence about the status of her marriage. It’s not right for the women who is looking for a new partner. This isn’t about that. This is about your relationship with you and your finances. This is not a bitch-about-your-former partner/spouse program either; this is a self-empowerment program.

How to Get Started

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