Random Acts of Kindness Not Just for Strangers

Like the term “self-empowerment,” this whole Self-love thing is being talked about all over the place. But what is it, and why does it matter?

It’s about how we think and talk about ourselves, and also what we do with and for ourselves. The first, how we think and talk about ourselves, is probably the most critical since our thoughts influence how we feel, and our feelings influence our behavior.

How many times a day do you tell yourself how you shouldn’t Be Yourself? Are you aware of it, or is it so common place you don’t even notice?

I’m too much of this, I’m too little of that… (for whom???)
I should have said this…
I shouldn’t have said that…
If I do this they won’t like me…
If I don’t do this they’ll get mad at me…
Until I ________ I’m not really lovable.

Where is your attention? On the other! It’s almost always about the other. And, oh, how exhausting to be so constantly vigilant.

What if it were only about you?

What if to be your best self in the world you Get to actually BE Your Self? What if to have the people in your life that feel good to YOU, you must Love You First? That’s not our training though, at least not for many of us. Them, them, them. And then there’s “One day when… That’s when I’ll love myself.”

Let’s make “one day” today!

Let’s Talk:

– What is Self-Love for you, and how can it be expressed each and every day?
– If you are your own worst critic, how can you start to change that?
– What else arises when you consider self-love, and self treatment?

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