Hi, I’m Raven


My Philosophy

You can’t be secure if you are unhappy.

It seems obvious, doesn’t it, but the cultural conditioning that influences our thoughts, decisions and behavior runs deep in our psyches.

Are you a good student, employee, boss or business owner?
Are you a good wife, partner, mother, citizen, friend?
Are you financially successful?
Do you have the “right” stuff?

These kinds of questions are so automatic we often don’t question them until disillusion, catastrophe or exhaustion creates a big enough disconnect that we are forced to examine our lives. Yet, it is through questioning that you can uncover your truths, your values, and ultimately what is best for you in your life.

I don’t know if you can relate to this, but I spent a lot of time, energy and money in pursuit of the ideals and the dreams that I was supposed to want. I was caught in this weird pendulum swing between succeeding then failing – or stopping – and back again until I realized that many of the things society said I should want were not a fit. I found myself breathing more easily as one-by-one those pressures fell away.

We are all unique. We are here to learn to be ourselves.

Let’s find out who else you are, and what will make this life of yours ROCK.

My Story – The Cliff Notes Version

Why I decided to gather and work with women who are leaving their marriage house after many years, without “good” reason. 

In the Fall of 2017 my husband and I agreed our marriage had run its course. There was no abuse; there is no addiction. It’s a blame-free situation which somehow makes it harder. All of the internalized messages about why this is a bad idea began to surface. I know that these are not only my messages: they are OUR messages. There are many layers to unravel, emotionally, socially and practically.

I am not ready to retire, I am not yet in my twilight years, and for sure I don’t wish to buy into any idea that says there is no more growth, no more opportunity, that I have to live out the rest of my life under the umbrella of what I put together earlier in my life.

Inspired by my own experience of being a vibrant woman in her early 60’s, and coming face-to-face with some deeply internalized prescriptions for what a woman “my age” should and shouldn’t do, I am reaching out to other women who are walking a similar path.

The Vision ….

One night, in a moment of despair the doubts and fears came a calling. “Help!” I cried. Almost immediately received a vision of a place for women just like me, brave independent women who needed a warm place to land until they were firmly in their Chapter NEXT. That was in September, 2017. As clear as that vision was, I knew I couldn’t move forward with the project until I’d cleared enough space to be able to be with you.

It occurred to me that I’m not the only one out there. And, sure enough, women are showing up in my life to verify this truth. We are not done living, and the life we created in our fertile years may not be the best life for the next 30, 40 or so years. These are the women I’m looking to serve, as we need so much support and encouragement at this time in their lives.

It’s Your Time Now

To be a woman on the cutting edge of evolution isn’t easy, but this is who you are, a woman who realized that the promises and desires of her earlier years were not enough to carry her through to the end of her life.

Let’s Talk