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Why do You Need This?

It doesn’t matter what your current financial picture is, when you know where you stand, when you see what comes in and what goes out in black and white, you can make informed decisions about what you want and where you are going.

Even if you’re receiving spousal support it isn’t a great long-term plan. Why? You are still dependent on your soon-to-be ex, on his circumstances and disposition. You will feel a whole lot better knowing you can support yourself without it.

This is a liberation plan.

It gives you a means to decide what is truly important to you and what is not. You will learn how to align your spending and income goals with your values, needs and desires.

One client said that her Cash Flow Plan helped her set boundaries in the face of seemingly endless potluck party invitations, especially around the holidays. She loved her friends, but these events were a big source of stress for her; it was hard to say no. With her Cash Flow Plan in hand, she realized she could accept no more than one invitation a week. She was able to make guilt-free decisions about which invitations to accept, and when it was okay to say, “no thank-you.”

Why is it Hard to Look at your Money?
Why Would you Resist This?

The shame and guilt around money can be overwhelming, and at times almost unbearable.

Money has been used to manipulate, control and shame.

 It’s been used to separate you from your power. All sorts of fun!

If you delegated the management of your finances to your spouse, or simply ignored them all together, you fear what you will discover. What you need to know is that it’s not too late, and you are NOT ALONE in this predicament. It just feels like it.

Many of the women I work with dread budgeting. They see it as restrictive. They don’t want to LOOK because they don’t want to SEE what is going on.

Seeing your situation in black in white is far less scary than what runs through your imagination. When you take the emotions out of the equation – when you let the numbers guide you – you can make better decisions for yourself. That’s empowerment!

Starting right here, right now, you take over the management of what happens in your financial future.

Working with Raven was my light at the end of the tunnel. I was up to my ears in debt… and shame. Facing my finances was a scary and vulnerable experience for me. With compassion and guidance, Raven gave me the tools to help me see my way out, and the understanding of those tools, which gave me a sense of empowerment. Working with the budget she set up for me is fun! It’s now a game that I’m eager to win.”

~ Julia M

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It’s Your Turn Now

As we go into the shadowy places in our lives we find our personal treasures hiding there. Raven combines compassion with practical suggestions in a unique way that meets the essential components of breakthrough.

~ Kay W.