A Financial Reboot for Women after Divorce


A financial reboot for women after divorce

Welcome to Your Chapter Next

You achieved the dream of a home, marriage and a family. All was well for a very long time. Then one day you noticed a persistent restlessness; what was pretty darn good for many years was no longer. You tried everything you could think of. But one day you got it; your marriage was done. You made that hard decision. You left the Coupledom.

Your future is in your hands, and yours alone. This is a significant turn of events, a transition of significant proportions!

You know in your heart you did the right thing.

Yet your mind and emotions are having a field day, throwing up all sorts of thoughts and feelings that you’d rather not be having.

Can you make it on your own?

How will you take care of yourself if something bad happens?

Weren’t you supposed to be able to “retire” in a few years? Now you’re faced with starting over!

You feel financially vulnerable in a way you never have.

It makes sense. After spending the majority of your adult life cohabiting and sharing resources, like it or not, your financial future is your responsibility now. As is just about everything else in your life. Talk about lions and tigers and bears!

When you combined resources your money went a lot further. Now every little thing is your responsibility and you’re freaking out. What if you were wrong? What if you can’t do this?

Maybe you are afraid to look at your money, ashamed because you didn’t pay that much attention to it before. You know you’re smart but in this part of life you’re anything but confident. It’s okay. You are not alone.

What about those bucket-list dreams, and oh yeah, you’ve still got that credit card debt to deal with. Is there any chance of fulfilling those dreams now?

 Maybe persistent money issues were a constant in your marriage. You fell for the fairy tale and it fell short. You’re determined to become financially solvent on your own.

I can help you successfully address all of these concerns.

Imagine feeling peaceful because you know you have what you need to take care of yourself.

Your proactive, tailor-made Cash Flow Plan, otherwise known as a budget, integrates your current financial picture with future desires and needs. It’s your roadmap to establishing the confidence you crave.

It’s empowering to take charge of your money.

Even if you chose this, it’s a huge transition. It just is. You watch what you knew for so long fall away. The statistics on later life divorce aren’t all that great either. Will you become one of those statistics? Will you always have to struggle just to make ends meet? No, it’s not required!

Here’s the good news.

Taking charge of your money has nothing to do with how much money you make or have; but rather how and where you spend and invest it. You can have a huge nest egg, or a small one. The decision to take charge is the key. This is how you turn things around. With this one decision. 

Your Monthly Cash Flow Plan won’t completely mitigate the emotional roller coaster ride you’re on. That is its own beast. However, this is an area of your life where taking charge now will reap rewards for years to come.

You can flourish as a soloist!

I'm Here When You're Ready

Turn your money worries into 💸 financial competence.💸
So you can let go of dependence and flourish.
I know it’s scary, and I know it’s one of the most important things you can do right now.
Together we’re going to kick it!