For the recently divorced empty-nest woman who is saying Yes! to herself.
For the recently divorced empty-nest woman who is saying Yes! to herself.

Hello Beautiful

It’s an interesting time, isn’t it? You achieved the dream of a home, marriage and maybe even a family. All was well for a very long time. Then one day you noticed a persistent restlessness; what was pretty darn good for many years was no longer. People said you only need to rekindle the love; you tried and it was not “all you needed to do.”

You’re now sitting in a wide open space of you with you.

You know in your heart and soul that you’re doing the right thing, but your mind and emotions are having a field day, throwing up all sorts of thoughts and feelings that you’d rather not be having. It’s not easy to transition from We to Me after 20-plus years. It seems like it should be – because boy do you feel ready – but the habit of “coupledom” takes some time to let go. Believe it or not, In part that’s due to the programming, the implied security of “until death do you part.” That which you might want again in the future, but not right now and not at the expense of your spirit!

When you decided to move on from that person who was your life partner for so many years, I know it wasn’t done lightly. It’s quite normal to feel sadness, aloneness, even regret. But when that moment comes, that moment when you know-know, you just can’t take it back.

It’s a huge opportunity to find out who else you are.

Did it go something like this?

You gave a lot of your love, time and energy to your partner and your children, if you’ve had them. You’re ready to see who you are without those roles; it feels imperative.

You and your partner evolved in different directions. It might be that you’ve evolved spiritually and/or emotionally and your partner hasn’t.

It turns out that children were your commonality, and your purpose. Without them in the house, whatever might have been overlooked, rose to the surface.

You tried, too. You’re didn’t give up easily. That’s your nature. But now you know. It’s time to move on. It’s time to find out who else you are.

You have a sense that there is more to life, more to YOU, and you are ready for Chapter Next! You can feel the power building inside, and right behind that lie the worries, the guilt and fear.

Can you really thrive as a soloist?

Yes you can!

3 steps to thriving after separation and divorce


Release any fears, shame, anger and/or guilt that may be holding you back from fulling moving forward.


Your body, mind and spirit. Reclaim and recover your values, desires and abilities. Find out who else you are.


Your sense of adventure and put your energy into what matters most to you.

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This is such a delicate time you’re in. You’re no longer living in limbo-land but you’ve not yet taken flight. I’m here, we’re here, to be with and support you, to say “we know.” It’s not the last chapter; it’s the next chapter.